Pre-nuptial Agreements

A pre-nuptial agreement is an agreement entered into before marriage to regulate as to how each party is to hold their assets while they are married and in the event of a separation. In order for your pre-nuptial agreement to stand a good chance of being upheld by the Courts, it is wise that it only deals with financial matters, and not with other more personal issues regarding your relationship, otherwise the Court may consider that some of the non-financial clauses render the whole of the agreement void.

When you get married you plan to have a long and happy life together. However, in the event of the unthinkable happens and you fall out, then a pre-nuptial agreement can be a useful means to protect your assets acquired before marriage. We can provide you with specialist advice and assistance for preparation of a pre-nuptial agreement for you.

Here at Tulips Solicitors, our experienced tem of family lawyers can advise and guide you through the preparation of your pre-nuptial agreement.

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