Non-molestation & Occupation Orders

Non- molestation order prevents your partner or a family member from molesting you or your children. Molesting means harassing or interfering with you or your children in some way and also includes assault. The order can also extend to cover anyone that the perpetrator of violence tells to molest, harass, pester or be violent towards you or your children.

Occupation orders are orders which decide who should carry on living in the home in the short-term after there has been violence or harassment.

As well as supporting you to live your life without fear and intimidation we provide you with specialist advice and assistance in order to be able to protect yourself and your children against a violent partner, ex-partner or family member through obtaining a non-molestation order and or an occupation order.

Here at Tulips Solicitors, our experienced team of family lawyers can advise and guide you through obtaining the necessary Court order.

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